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November 23, 2022

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You won’t find a better price than this on Microsoft Office.
We all want to do our best work every day, but sometimes we lack the tools to do that. When premier programs like Microsoft Office are so expensive, it feels like you have to make sacrifices to maximize your budget.
But this year, that’s not the case. We’re dropping the price on Microsoft Office Professional 2021 to its lowest ever ahead of Black Friday. While supplies last, you can get it for Mac or Windows for just $29.99.
Whatever your preferred OS, you’ll get a comprehensive office suite that can make your work much easier and more scalable. Either way, you’ll get a lifetime license that’s instantly redeemable so you can get to work right away.
Mac users will get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneNote. That’s the world’s leading word processing platform, the most powerful spreadsheet software on the planet, the best presentation tool, and communication tools that can completely revolutionize how you stay in touch with your team. Plus, you’ll get a pretty great note-taking tool, as well.
Windows users get all that, plus Publisher and Access, giving you some additional tools to create compelling e-books or lookbooks and build entire databases out of your data. Plus, the Windows version is enhanced with the new ribbon user interface, allowing you to access all of your tools and customizations in a single, accessible toolbar that makes working on significant projects with multiple programs a ton easier. All in all, it’s a complete suite to help you do your best work absolutely every day.
Why pay full price for Microsoft Office when you can get it for its lowest price ever ahead of Black Friday? For a very limited time, you can grab Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Mac or Windows for just $29.99 — 88 percent off the $349 list price.
Prices subject to change.
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Emily Rella
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