Digital Marketing for Insurance Agents and Insurance Technology Investments Projected to Increase Globally and Set New Record, Per New Report – Yahoo Finance

November 23, 2022

A recent report shows enormous growth in investment is projected over next five years in digital marketing for insurance agents and technology investments by insurance companies globally. Digital marketing agencies for insurance and technology solutions providers focused on the insurance sector are emerging to fill this niche.
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — According to a new study published by Advanced Market Analytics reports that digital transformation across marketing, data analytics and customer reviews may increase spending in the insurance marketing sector enormously to meet customer expectations and for insurance firms to remain competitive in the digital marketplace.
According to the report summary:
"Digital transformation in insurance sector requires an innovative business model which is totally focused on customer needs, with more connected products and services, emerging technologies and real-time data. Many forces like weak financial performance, cost pressures, increasing regulatory requirements, new competitive threats demand a profound revolution in the insurance industry. But at the same time, customers increasingly expect a near real-time relationship with the insurer for the submissions and claims."
Many start-ups and major players in the insurance digital marketing and technology sectors are attempting to fill these needs.
Insurance.Agency™ is one such focused insurance marketing business, founded in 2017 that provides a "turn-key and powerful complete digital marketing, customer acquisitions and retention solution affordable enough for to even one insurance agent with suitable infrastructure and resources to provide globally accessible service at scale to insurance firms with 100,000 or more agents and employees."
The dedicated marketing agency was listed as a "Top Insurance Website for Insurance Companies to join to rank higher in search engines," by citations expert
According to the website, "Insurance.Agency provides a free analysis of an insurance company's current online digital marketing and advertising, reviews and technology stack, in order to provide a custom solutions that are all managed by a powerful and easy to use dashboard, allowing the clients real time access and oversight of all activities, including weekly reports and strategy meetings."
According to the report, "Many forces like weak financial performance, cost pressures, increasing regulatory requirements, new competitive threats demand a profound revolution in the insurance industry."
To read the summary and order the report go here.
Insurance Agents and Insurance Marketing professionals can get a complimentary website and marketing analysis for their insurance business including a consultation with a marketing engineer at
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Insurance.Agency™, Insurance.Agency™, (800) 572-5950,
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