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November 22, 2022

Is today one of those days when you just can’t stop craving something sweet? Yes, we all love to dig into a good chocolate cake, or perhaps a delicious, desi-ghee-made besan barfi or just a scoop of ice cream, but we also know that it isn’t something we should always do as too much sugar can be extremely harmful to health. So, what can you do on such days? Worry not, the solution lies in simply replacing those unhealthy sweet foods with those that are indeed healthier, and have much less sugar. Or, in this case, even zero sugar, so that the guilt out of your ‘guilty pleasure’ is taken out.
Now, are you thinking how can a sweet be prepared without sugar? Answering that question is dietitian Sai Mahima, who recently shared a recipe on her Instagram page that is worth making. Easy to make, this ‘zero sugar phirni’ will not just satisfy your sweet cravings but also make for a delicious, easy treat tonight.
Check out her reel here:
A post shared by Dietitian Sai Mahima (@dietitiansaimahima)
A favourite amongst kids and adults both, this phirni makes for a great dessert and can even be kept in the fridge overnight. Without the guilt factor and some healthy ingredients, this dessert makes for a winning option for anyone trying to be healthy but wants to indulge their sweet tooth as well.
In case you’d like to try some other phirni recipes, we’ve got you covered with this three-ingredient phirni, mango phirni, and also the delicious paan phirni!
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