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November 21, 2022

Jeffries leaves a meeting with House Democrats at the Capitol Thursday. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images
It looks like Hakeem Jeffries is going to be the next leader of the House Democrats, but his health care views are more of a mystery than Nancy Pelosi's — so here's what we've been able to find out.
The big picture: Yes, Jeffries supports strengthening the Affordable Care Act and lowering prescription drug costs — he's spoken about both. He's also given rhetorical support to progressive goals like Medicare for All, but leaves himself an out to support more moderate options too.
Zoom in: Jeffries' office hasn't responded yet to our request for more information on his priorities, but we'll keep you posted if they do. Meantime, Maya Goldman has some more details to watch:
What they're saying: “People don't want less health care, they want more health care. And so I suspect that he'll [Jeffries] be keen to to continue the evolutionary growth of the ACA which has worked,” Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal told Victoria Knight.
Reality check: Jeffries is inheriting some pretty big checked-off items on the Democratic to-do list and will probably have to come up with his own, Caitlin Owens points out.
The backstory: Pelosi had a big hand in passing the Affordable Care Act and had a huge role in rescuing it from the dead in 2010 after Democrats lost their 60-seat majority in the Senate.


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