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November 15, 2022

Since 2010, there has been over $100 billion of venture funding invested in digital health companies. Yet despite this growth and the desire from patients and physicians for progress to continue, the health care system still struggles to address the ongoing health care challenges of access, quality, outcomes, affordability and equity, even with the introduction of new digital health tools. This chasm between the transformative potential of digital health and the reality of its impact today is the “digital health disconnect.”
Explore insights from the AMA’s Future of Health Report, Closing the Digital Health Disconnect: A Blueprint for Optimizing Digitally Enabled Care.
With this disconnect in mind, we’ve now entered an era of digitally enabled care—fully integrated in-person and virtual care models that hybridize care delivery based on clinical appropriateness and other factors such as convenience and cost—that is transforming how we think about accessing, providing, managing and paying for health care. Realizing the full potential of digitally enabled care will require fundamentally rethinking how care models are designed, implemented and scaled to solve for many of the challenges of today’s health care system.
The Future of Health Report (PDF) was prepared by the American Medical Association (AMA) and Manatt Health and builds off of the AMA’s Return on Health research. The report explores and defines this digital health disconnect, offers a blueprint to optimize digitally enabled care and shares stakeholder opportunities to leverage digital care through case examples from various organizations. Input from dozens of experts representing a range of stakeholders was collected, including a variety of case examples on how organizations have implemented care models that leverage digital care.
The Future of Health research creates a blueprint to optimize digitally enabled care and address the digital health disconnect consisting of several foundational pillars and opportunities for stakeholders. To create this blueprint, the AMA and Manatt Health conducted interviews and gathered feedback from more than 40 health care leaders from physician practices, health systems, digital health companies, venture funds, employers and health plans to understand their perspectives on digitally enabled care and the digital health disconnect.
The AMA is committed to continuing to develop resources and insights, advocate for policy changes that support the future of health, and bring diverse perspectives across the industry to the table to keep building on this work. Join us by expressing your interest to commit to the pillars outlined in the blueprint and to participate in the following:
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