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November 14, 2022

Diwali 2022: With the festival of lights around the corner and are you still pondering on what to prepare and serve guests for your Diwali bash at home? And you want to keep it simple yet delicious and at the same time don’t want to through the burden of making labor-intensive sweets for lack of time.
We are here with the 3 simple South Indian Diwali festive recipes for you to try this October 25.
Pala Khova
Try the Pala Khova, a  popular Telugu sweet that can be made with few ingredients in less than 30 minutes, and absolutely sugar-free! Mix milk, yogurt, cream, and cardamom and cooked them together, and serve when cool. Pala Khova can be your go-to dessert this festive season.
And guess what you don’t have to make it round try making different shapes like a teardrop or any shape you like and decorate with a different dry fruits on top.
Annam Parvannam… with a twist
Another super easy dish you can make and serve your guests is the traditional annam paravannam. The recipe needs no intro or instructions, but still, first cook the rice with a bit of yellow moong dal. After taking it out from the cooker mash it well and add condensed milk and a few drops of vanilla essence. That’s it eat you don’t need to add sugar or jaggery separately and you get the western twist to the Telugu sweet. Try serving it with readymade waffle scones you get in the supermarket and drizzle some fresh cream on top. Or add the fried cashew, and raisins and serve with a drizzle of saffron-laced milk.
Tamarind Pulihora which can never go wrong!
Now after all that sweetness we need something spicy. Make the traditional pulihora. If you don’t want to make the paste from scratch go to the nearest supermarket and pick up the instant pulihora paste and mix it in rice and throw in some roasted peanuts for added flavor.
With the menu in place just pick up a few soft drinks and hot chips and set the table with a beautiful colored tablecloth, lamps, cutlery, and plates, and welcome your guests for a happy Diwali 2022! 
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