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November 14, 2022

The highlight of visiting a Gurdwara is eating a big dollop of kada prasad that greases your palm and makes you salivate over the taste of whole wheat and semolina that lingers along with the aroma of pure ghee.
Some of my students — who are gluten-intolerant and sensitive — share their plight of not being able to enjoy this delightful blob. So, I had to work on a recipe not just for them but for many readers, too. Kada prasad is, after all, everyone’s favourite sweet.
This is a simple recipe with just a handful of ingredients, all of which are gluten-free. Please read the step-by-step recipe and do refer to the video attached. I am certain this will brighten up your day and you can share this goodness with your loved ones today.
Happy Gurpurab to all!
GLUTEN FREE KADA PRASAD (gluten-free halwa)
Ingredients (serves 4)
· ½ cup little millet flour
· 2 tbsp little millet rava
· ½ cup jaggery powder
· ½ cup A2 ghee
· 1.5 cup water
· 4-5 green cardamoms seeds
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1. Take a deep cast iron wok or kadai and heat ghee in it. Let it melt.
2. Add crushed cardamom seeds followed by the millet flour. For me, kodo millet and little millet flours have worked the best, but you can always try more renditions.
3. Once it mixes well, add millet rawa. Please make sure you do not mix multiple grains of flour. I added little millet rava and little millet flour, freshly-ground at my home mill.
4. Mix well to prevent lumps. Continue stirring on a low flame till you get the nutty aroma from the flours.
5. As the colour of the flour starts to change, continue to stir and add jaggery powder. Do not overcook.
6. Keep the flame lowest and add water to the mixture. This will look like a runny mass, but with continuous stirring, this will come together to an optimum consistency of kada prasad. Please note, the water is a little extra here because millets are high in fibre.
7. Continue to stir on low flame till it thickens up and looks golden in colour. Once the ghee starts to separate, serve it hot.
(Shalini Rajani is a millet coach and founder of Crazy Kadchi. She holds innovative Millets Cooking Workshops and Gluten-free Sourdough Baking Workshops for all age groups.)
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Shalini RajaniShalini Rajani is the founder of Crazy Kadchi and holds innovative and… read more


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