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November 13, 2022

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Top Vegetarian Chettinad Recipes To Try In Your Next Meal
Updated : August 18, 2022 03:08 IST
Chettinad is one region that is known for its spice quotient in its cuisine.
India is one country that is packed with a variety of regional cuisines and cultures. So much so that the food habits and flavours change within kilometers. Just how the golden quadrilateral highway connects all corners of the country with each other, food also connects us with each other. From east and west to north and south, one thing that binds these different regions is their collective love for food. What if you could easily sample the best of Kashmiri cuisine while sitting in a Chettinad region, or sample the flavours of Kerala while soaking up the mountains of Himachal? Perhaps you can.  
For anyone with a penchant for good food and desire to go beyond, Bhuna Pisa helps break the barriers of taste buds and bring the flavors of regions from faraway land into the comfort of our living room. Their multipurpose cooking pastes and curated recipes lets us explore the wide range of regional Indian recipes at our own kitchen. 
So, get your apron and get ready to go beyond the monotonous delicacies, to explore some of the most interesting Indian dishes. Chettinad, for instance, is one region that is known for its spice quotient in its cuisine, and we are here with two of the most amazing Chettinad recipes for you to try.  
1. Chettinad Paneer Varuval 
Hot, tangy and delectable, this paneer recipe makes for the perfect side dish with parottas, dosas, or even curry and rice. You can substitute paneer with chicken, tofu or soya as well. 
Serves: 4  
Time: 20 minutes 

Image: Bhuna Pisa
2. Mixed Veg Chettinad Curry 
A wholesome vegetable preparation that tastes excellent with vegetables of your choice. You can use up all your leftover veggies in your fridge and spice up the simplest of meals in just minutes! 
Time: 15 minutes 
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