Winslow Technology Group’s CTO On Nutanix’s Future, Cloud Spending And Other Tech Trends In 2023 – CRN

November 11, 2022

Top of mind for 2023: The solution provider all-star is looking at how market consolidation, a flight to the cloud, and the push for recurring revenue will play out next year.
Systems integrator Winslow Technology Group has seen massive growth this year, thanks to surging annual recurring revenue rates among its core customers with security products leading the way, company executives told CRN.
In conversations with CRN, the company’s president and founder Scott Winslow, as well as its chief technology officer Rick Gouin, talked about how the integrator has driven double-digit revenue growth year-over-year, how important security is going to be to its future, and how they are driving increased SaaS revenue, partially through Dell. Company founder and president Scott Winslow told CRN it can only work as long as the company can wrap solid support around the deal.
“One of the things that’s working for us is driving much more recurring revenue and having very good net retention rates on that, which takes into account people that don’t renew the subscriptions versus the people that do, and then the added seats,” Winslow told CRN in an interview. “The fact that we’ve been able to drive so much recurring revenue makes it a much more stable business with fewer ups and downs.”
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The Waltham, Mass.-based company is one of Dell Technologies’ top system integrator partners from New England to Texas, but Winslow Technology Group is also partnered with technology newsmakers like VMware, and Nutanix — giving the 19-year-old solution provider a unique insight when helping its customers design digital solutions around current market conditions.
Gouin said security is seeping into all areas of the business from software to hardware, as OEMs are bombarded by requests from end users about component sourcing, which has been a big opportunity for Winslow Technology Group’s Dell business, Gouin said.
The Waltham, Mass., based company is a Dell Platinum Partner, has a VMware Master Services Competency, and is a Nutanix Cloud Champion Partner, CRN Triple Crown Winner in 2022, CRN Tech Elite 250 2022, and No. 310 on the 2022 CRN Solution Provider 500.
As the company begins planning for next year, here are five trends that Gouin said Winslow Technolgoy Group is looking at in 2023:
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