Morrow County health levy passes –

November 10, 2022

MOUNT GILEAD — The one countywide issue on the ballot Tuesday, the Morrow County Health Department levy, passed 7,073 to 5,954.

It is a renewal for a .5 mill for 10-year levy. Services are for public health programs including communicable diseases, food safety, environmental safety, public health nursing and health education.
Three countywide candidates are all Republicans who ran unopposed after winning the May primary. County Commissioner Jon Mason, County Auditor Conni McChesney and Judge of Common Pleas Court Tom Elkin each received the following complimentary votes:

  • Mason: 11,034.
  • McChesney: 10,701.
  • Elkin: 9,762.

Other issues:

  • The Cardington Public Library passed narrowly 1,082 to 1,073. It is an additional levy. It is an additional levy for current expenses, 1 mill for 5 years.
  • Consolidated Fire renewal was 85-85 in Morrow County, with Marion County results not reportted.
  • Iberia Joint Fire District additonal levy passed 677 to 532.
  • Chesterville Village renewal levy passed 44 to 17.
  • Edison Village renewal levy passed 77 to 62, and the replacement levy failed 74 to 65.
  • Sparta Village renewal passed 35 to 25.
  • Congress Township renewal levy passed 728 to 498.
  • Harmony Township additional levy pased 513 to 459.
  • Sheetz beer issue passed 498 to 145 and the Sunday sales issue passed 467 to 171.
  • Both statewide Issues 1 and 2 passed overwhelmingly in Morrow County.

Voter turnout was 53% with 13,338 votes cast of 25,184 registered voters. There were 1,839 mail-in absentee ballots submitted and 2,100 voted early in-office.

There were no issues with election returns, according to the Board of Elections Director Penny Porter. Final votes were in by 8:31 p.m., an hour after the polls closed.


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