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September 24, 2022

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Natasha Bowman built a successful career and reputation teaching employers how to effectively lead, tackle workplace challenges and get the best out of their employees. As founder and president of leadership development firm Performance ReNEW, Bowman seemed to have all the answers but suddenly found herself facing her own substantial questions last year.
“I thought my ability to stay up for days on end was a sign of ambition,” Bowman wrote in a LinkedIn article describing the events that turned her life upside down last year. “I thought that when I could hardly get out of bed for days, that was a sign of burnout.”
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Steve Hallo |
For leadership buy-in, it’s important to have data and measurement tools to showcase the effectiveness of a program that encompasses physical, mental, emotional, financial and social dimensions.
Willa Hart |
“No matter how fulfilling a job is, salary is significant,” says BambooHR head of HR Anita Grantham.
Andrew Lipton |
Small businesses are often targets of hackers because they have fewer resources in the event of a cyberattack, or that’s the common misconception.
White Paper
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What to Do Immediately When an Employee Has a Death in the Family
When a team member or employee is grieving, it’s best that others in the organization respond appropriately. Download this toolkit to help yourself and fellow employees know exactly what to do the moment you are confronted with news of a coworker’s loss.
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Healthcare Navigation Solutions: Personalized Guidance, Clinical Expertise, Smarter Decisions
Ready to maximize value from the benefits you offer your people? It starts with a new data-driven experience that cuts through complexity and provides access to guidance from empathetic healthcare experts in the moments that matter. Download this white paper and learn how you can offer expert-led healthcare guidance when and where your people need it.
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How to Use the New Healthcare Transparency Data
To unlock the potential of government-mandated healthcare price transparency data, employers must offer new tools that provide their workforce the information and incentives they need to see efficient providers. Download this white paper and learn about how you can provide your clients with those tools.
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