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September 23, 2022

AI and automation are now part of most content marketing technology stacks. Today, any content creator will agree that producing high-quality content requires a significant investment of time, energy, and often budget. Whether you’re producing written articles, images, videos, or audio content like podcasts, ample work is involved from the research and planning stages all the way through to post-production and measuring success.
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With each piece of content demanding such an investment, it’s not only a natural desire to want to maximize the impact and extend the lifespan of your work, it’s a wise business strategy. So how can businesses increase the impact of their content and draw more value from it over time? Automation is an excellent way.
In this article, we’ll examine 3 ways businesses can use AI and automation to extend the lifespan of their content on social media – an essential channel in most companies’ marketing mix today.
Businesses are increasingly turning to AI to help them reuse their content in an optimized and hands-free way. Automation technology can determine which content in your library should be recycled, and precisely when it should be shared again for maximum visibility, engagement and referral traffic. By automating the analysis, optimization and republishing of existing content, companies save significant time to focus on creating new content.
We recently conducted a large-scale analysis of 1.85 million Facebook posts and found that on average, republished posts generate 67% of the clicks they received the first time around when originally posted. For example, an article posted on social media last month that received 100 clicks from followers could generate an additional 67 clicks when recycled and posted at a later date.
By using AI and automation technology to fully manage the entire republishing process, businesses can maximize this value with zero human effort required. In other words, with automation, your content could regularly generate 67% in “bonus” performance gains with no time required on your end – a surefire way to extend the lifespan of your content and its ROI.
How should you determine whether a piece is worthy of republishing?
Not all content is created equally, and not all content will perform in the same way upon launch and over time. Generally speaking, content that proved popular with your social media audience the first time around will have the capacity to keep performing well – these high-performers should be prioritized for republishing to extend their lifespan. But, keep this in mind that other key factors, such as trending topics or the news cycle, may have affected past performance and can determine future potential.
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Look at key performance metrics, such as post click-through rate (CTR) or engagement rate. Keep in mind that different content formats’ performance should be assessed using different metrics. For example, while CTR is commonly used to assess the popularity of link posts, video content’s performance should instead be assessed using metrics like the number of plays and amount watched.
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While this analysis can be done manually to some degree, intelligent automation is a much more efficient means of locating the best content candidates for republishing. AI can trawl through mountains of performance data and automatically identify the best-performing pieces. But as any marketer knows, content’s performance doesn’t just depend on its quality alone – the timing and methods of distribution to a relevant audience are critical factors in success. Even the best content, published at the wrong time to the wrong audience, can see its performance curbed. This is another area where AI can maximize results: automated algorithms can incorporate your real-time audience and trend data on each social platform to determine which content is likely to perform best at any given moment.
Businesses using AI in this way are able to significantly extend the impact of their content over time, as the content is automatically reused at the most opportune moments when it is most likely to capture audience attention again.
A third way companies can use automation to increase the lifespan of their content on social media is via AI-driven testing.
Our study indicated a wide distribution in the performance of republished content: some republished content only generated a small fraction of clicks compared to original postings, while other republished content generated many more clicks the second time around.
Multiple factors can impact how well content performs throughout its lifespan. Testing is an essential way to uncover which factors have the most influence.
Recycled content can often benefit from tweaks that may catch audience attention in a new way.
Businesses can use AI-powered A/B testing to try different approaches to republishing their content on social media: trying out a new headline, testing a new image, or including an emoji in the post message are just a few ideas for experiments.
If your content didn’t perform well the first time around, A/B testing can help identify why and rectify the issue. Was the poor performance due to the content’s quality? Or, perhaps, it just wasn’t presented in the right way? A/B testing can help you find out and make targeted improvements.
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AI technology can be used on social media as well as in other distribution channels to carry out these A/B tests in the background, all automatically. With automated testing, businesses can squeeze out additional performance gains from content across its lifespan.
Your company’s existing content is a goldmine of untapped potential. While manual methods may allow you to unlock a small degree of this potential, automation enables you to systematically leverage the full power of each piece of content.
By incorporating AI and automation into content management and distribution strategies, businesses are increasing the lifetime value of their content with no additional workload or investment. For this reason, automation is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool for companies looking to make the most of their content, both past and present.
Simran Cashyap, Head of Product & Design at Echobox
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