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September 16, 2022

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When you think of Asian food, what comes to mind? Probably not Asian sandwiches, right?
Most people picture fried rice, lo mein, kung pao chicken, and other similar dishes.
Sandwiches aren’t even on their radar. And that’s a shame. 
I love making Asian sandwiches. They’re quick and easy to prepare.
Plus, there are endless possibilities for variations. They’re also great for any occasion.
Need something different for your weeknight dinner? Asian sandwiches! Having a backyard barbecue? Asian sandwiches!
I’m telling you, there’s something for everyone. 
So, let’s get to them! 
If you’re a fan of Vietnamese food, you’ll love banh mi sandwiches. 
They’re tasty little treats made with baguettes and your choice of meat.
You top them with pickled vegetables and a spicy sauce. 
They’re the perfect lunch or dinner option when you need something quick and easy to make.
Plus, you can also customize them to fit your taste preferences. 
This one calls for perfectly seasoned pork.
And the pickled vegetables are some of the best you’ll ever try. Top it off with the garnishes, and you’re all set. 
I’m sure you’ve had sloppy Joes before, but you’ve probably never had one like this.
It features soy and hoisin sauces, ketchup, brown sugar, and more. And those are just the sauces! 
The meat is lean, juicy, and saucy. Additionally, the sandwich has a distinctly Asian flair. It’s sure to satisfy your need for takeout. 
And don’t worry, it’s just as hearty and filling as any other recipe.
Are you in the mood for fresh garden veggies? Or do you need a vegetarian lunch or dinner option?
Either way, the Bombay sandwich is a great choice. It’s easy to make, too.
You start with regular sandwich bread and pile it high with veggies.
Don’t just stick to your typical sandwich vegetables, either. 
Yes, tomatoes and onions taste amazing on this sandwich. However, potatoes, bell peppers, beets, and avocados do, too! 
So, you may be wondering what makes this a ‘Bombay sandwich.’ It’s just veggies and bread, after all.
Well, not quite. You also add a phenomenal cilantro-mint chutney. 
It takes the veggie-packed sandwich from tasty to terrific.
Have you ever had kaya toast? It’s a popular breakfast or snack in Singapore and Malaysia.
It’s basically just toast with coconut egg jam and butter. 
If you’ve never had it before, it’s definitely worth giving it a try!
The dark soy sauce adds warmth to the sandwich, making it unbeatable. 
Soy sauce, eggs, and coconut jam may sound odd together.
The sandwich even looks a little strange to those seeing it for the first time. It’s much tastier than you’d imagine, though. 
Serve it with eggs and coffee for the authentic Asian experience.
You’ve had Hot Pockets before, right? I like to think of these as ‘pita pockets.’
They’re pieces of soft pita bread stuffed with all kinds of yummy stuff. 
There’s hummus and tahini sauce, of course. There are also lots of fresh veggies and bright, zingy ingredients like lime and pickles.
It’s a little messy and takes some time to make. Still, it’s a hearty, protein-heavy sandwich that’ll keep you full all day.
It also works well for any meal of the day. So enjoy it whenever you like!
So, what makes a Chinese burger different from an American burger? (Or burgers from any other country, for that matter.)
Lots of things, actually, but let’s start with the bun. 
You’ll make them yourself from flour, yeast, salt, and water.
They have an entirely different look and feel than typical American buns. 
The burgers are different, too. They’re more like sloppy Joe meat than burger patties.
Even so, if you like spice, heat, and plenty of flavor, you’ll love them.
Katsu sando is a Japanese sandwich made with pork or chicken cutlet. (This recipe uses pork.)
It also features tonkatsu sauce, Dijon mustard, and Japanese milk bread. (White bread will suffice.)
It’s a popular dish in Japan, and you can find it at most convenience stores and restaurants.
Making katsu sando at home is easy. Plus, it’s a great lunch or dinner option for busy cooks. 
It’s also about the only way to enjoy it outside of Japan. Most Asian restaurants don’t serve it. 
The pork cutlet has a crispy, salty breading and is tender and juicy inside.
The bread is soft and practically molds itself around the meat. 
If you like meaty sandwiches and tangy sauces, you’ll love it.
Yakisoba pan is Japan’s answer to the American hot dog. And wow, it’s incredible till the last bite.
They don’t just fill their hot dog buns with meat in Japan. 
They also add noodles, onions, cabbage, and more. The insanely good Yakisoba sauce is impossible not to love.
It has a complex, intricate flavor that combines lots of tastes.
You’ll make it with sugar, ketchup, oyster sauce, sake, soy sauce, and more. Yes, more. And that’s just the sauce!
It’s delicious and probably unlike any other sauce you’ve tried. 
This dish is high in carbs. However, if you want comforting, heartwarming food, you can’t beat it.
If you like Chinese food, you’re likely familiar with bao buns. They’re a pretty well-known staple of Asian cuisine. 
You’ll stuff these bao buns with glazed pork belly, nuts, seeds, and veggies. This is truly Asian food at its finest.
Check it out. It’s a saucy, spicy treat that the whole family will love. 
According to the recipe’s author, these are a “Korean bulgogi and Vietnamese banh mi” mash-up.
That’s a pretty accurate description.
You take a traditional bulgogi sandwich and liven it up with pickled veggies. It makes a fantastic combination. 
It has the robust, hearty, slightly sweet flavor of bulgogi. Then, there’s the bright, zingy taste of the pickled veggies.
If you like sweet and sour dishes, this sandwich is the one for you.
Level up your lunch game with one of these easy Asian sandwiches! From banh mi to kaya toast to Chinese hamburgers, you’re sure to love these tasty recipes.
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