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September 11, 2022

Much has been made of Lamar Jackson and the Ravens dragging their feet on coming to an agreement on an extension this offseason — especially on Twitter. During an appearance on the GoJo Show podcast, the Baltimore signal-caller addressed his social media activity and how it has been under a microscope during negotiations. 
“It’s a great organization. Very friendly organization,” Jackson said on the Ravens. “And I love being here. I tweeted it before, like, this where I wanna be at. Now, I’m seeing things like, ‘Oh he wants out.’ Because I’m liking stuff. It’s just, ‘Yeah, because I see ya’ll keep engaging in that way, like, oh you wanna leave?’ So, I’m like ‘Alright, I’mma play back. Like, yeah, I like something.’” 
Jackson may be eluding to when he liked a tweet that featured him in a Dolphins uniform. Naturally, the internet read into it as Jackson hinting at his displeasure with the Ravens but it appears the quarterback was just feeding the beast. 
On Wednesday, Jackson told reporters that Friday is the deadline for negotiations on a contract extension with management. If they don’t reach a deal by March, the team will need to place him on the franchise tag or he’ll become an unrestricted free agent. Jackson would earn $45 million under the exclusive tag. He’s set to make $23.016 million in 2022.
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