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September 11, 2022

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Just in this past March alone, a record 4.5 million people quit their jobs as the Great Resignation charged ahead.
The pandemic dramatically changed both how and why people work. With remote and hybrid work now a more accepted practice, workers find themselves free to find jobs with the best pay, benefits, work-life balance and culture without physically relocating.

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Max Mitchell |
The Hartford had argued the settlement allows the plaintiffs to circumvent its workers’ compensation subrogation lien.
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Helping employees stay informed about benefit options and arming them with the knowledge to make wise choices about their health and wellbeing is essential during times of change and economic uncertainty.
Sne Patel |
With the rapid ups and downs of the economy over the past two years, employees feel more vulnerable than ever.
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Toolkit for Benefits Brokers: Smart Strategies to Help You Deliver More Value
As a benefits broker and advisor, you have a special opportunity to help your clients enhance the employee benefits experience and navigate the challenges brought by the current job market. And as employers increasingly use voluntary benefits to attract and retain talent, you can help ensure that the value realized is as good as the experience delivered. Download this toolkit to help you achieve just that.
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Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Right Digital Heart Health Solution for Your Client’s Workforce
Navigating a plethora of vendors can be overwhelming as the digital health benefits space continues to grow. This guide is intended to help your clients make a confident decision that helps them more effectively support employee health and well-being, improve outcomes and save costs.
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Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Right Digital Heart Health Solution for Your Workforce
Employers are in a powerful position to help improve heart health and reduce heart risk, while potentially reducing cardiovascular spend by offering a digital program as an employee benefit. Download this guide and learn how to select the right digital heart health solution for your workforce.
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