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September 10, 2022

Celebrities are usually the poster boys for social media marketing. Due to their large following, many large brands and companies look to these superstars’ handles to influence products and promotions.
Many would expect Hollywood stars and Grammy award-winning musicians to have a monopoly on social media following. But Cristiano Ronaldo once again proves to be king on and off the pitch with the massive popularity of his online accounts.
In February 2022, CR7 became the first person to hit 400 million followers on Instagram. At the time of writing, he has added 77 million more followers to the list. And with his 102 million Twitter followers, he easily ranks as the foremost social media influencer.
Several other athletes are known to have a large social media following but only Lionel Messi comes close to Ronaldo’s record with his 358 million fans. PSG star and Messi’s teammate, Neymar Jr. also has a following of about 178 million accounts.
It is therefore not surprising that Cristiano Ronaldo makes the most money off social media in 2022, a record he now holds for the second year running. He is reported to earn about $2 million on average per post on his accounts. Only last year, he raked in about $1.6 million per social media post.
Without a doubt, earnings from Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube contribute immensely to the wealth of Cristiano Ronaldo off the football field. He earned a total of $115 million in a year drawn from his total endorsements and wages at Manchester United. Of course, he is one of the highest earners at Manchester United and over the course of last season, he seemed to prove his worth.
Ronaldo netted 18 times in the Premier League and scored six goals in the UEFA Champions League last season, more than any other Red Devil managed in that period. Unfortunately, though, he couldn’t secure a Champions League spot for the 13-time Premier League winners this season.
Despite Ronaldo’s mind-blowing earnings, he is tens of millions away from the top of the list of highest-earning athletes in 2022. The 37-year-old ranks third in a list that has Lionel Messi and LeBron James. While the latter earns about $121.2 million, Messi is the highest earning football athlete with $130 million.
These other athletes also have a large social media following and considerable earnings off the platform. For instance, Messi and Dwayne Johnson are both tied at a million dollars per post while LeBron scoops an average of $428,601 on a post. Neymar Jr. earns about $584,956 per post but surpassed by cricket star, Virat Kohli who makes up to $694,509 in social media earnings.
David Beckham and Ronaldinho also make a surprise appearance on the list of large social media earning athletes. It is arguable that these legends remain influential despite retiring long ago from the game.
Interestingly, Ronaldo’s social media influence transcends even his own personal accounts. The former Real Madrid and Juventus star has not only built a formidable following for himself but has achieved a similar feat for clubs that he joins.
In 2018, Juventus gained an increase of six million followers when it announced the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo. The club would later lose about 300,000 social media fans when the star departed for Manchester United.
Social media revenue is a good source of income for players who can use their image rights and popularity to earn some cash. It’s also easy money, coming without the rigor of 90 minutes on the pitch.
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